Hot Rollers Are Not a Thing of the Past: How to Use Them Now

Amanda Elser

Don’t you hate it when you go to the salon and you realize you will never be able to replicate your perfect salon blowout at home? You are not alone, I have tried and tried to master the brush-with-blow dryer approach and I always end up ditching one of the two.

I love to ask every hair stylist I encounter what I should do to correct my impediment and they usually direct me to some new gadget to try, but I finally met an artist who spilled the beans.

Adam Livermore, Oribe hairstylist at Mizu Salon in Manhattan, let me in on the secret tip that seemed to have skipped over my generation: hot rollers.

“What?” I said, “Hot rollers will give me that salon look?”

“It may sound geeky, but everyone uses them. They really work,” Adam reassured.

When I think about it though, it makes sense. My mom still has the same sturdy, plastic hot rollers that she used in the 70s and everytime I was patient enough to put them in my hair the results were promising.

But how come our generation relies so heavily on curling irons and straighteners when such a simple sollution lies forgotten under your mother’s vanity?

We were curious as to how we could use our old curlers for an everyday look so we got celebrity hairstylist, Danilo, to walk us through the process step by step.

He explained that first, it starts with your cleaning regimen. Spray gel or mousse into your damp hair and blow dry it in to ensure that the curl will hold. Next, you need to pick your roller size, different sizes will determine the different types of curls you will get. Danilo says that the most important thing is to practice. “You’ll learn how your hair will take to the set and you will understand the language of the curl.”

If your goal is a salon look, then try bigger, looser curls. For a more trendy, natural look spray Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray generously into your hair after you take out your curlers. Use your fingers to work the spray into your hair without giving it that dirty, hard, or salty feeling that so many texturizing sprays cause. The result will be wavy, salon inspired curls with some serious texture and volume.

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