Get Kristen Stewart’s Hair Style from Twilight Breaking Dawn

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Get Kristen Stewart’s Hair Style from Twilight Breaking Dawn
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For all of you who are Twilight obsessed (I believe the correct term is Twihard), the new movie has caused quite the chaos and excitment — and it’s still about a month away! To add to that excitement, Pro Beauty Tools has announced that they created a line of hair tools (that were used exclusively on set) in collaboration with the new movie, and they will release the entire Twilight-inspired collection so that you’ll be able to use what the stars you love used. The collection includes nine products, and each is specifically designed to help recreate the characters’ individual looks.

We spoke with Beatrice De Alba, Oscar award-winning hairstylist who worked on both The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn films (as well as many, many others) to walk us through how to get the looks of the stars. Read on above!

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Alice, who is played by Ashley Greene, has been transforming her short wigs throughout the Twilight series. How did you style this more modern look?
For Alice, Ashley Greene, I started with a very textured razor cut.  I dried her hair with my Pro Beauty Tools Ionic Ceramic Dryer and Round Medium Ceramic Brush. Then I used my medium sized Ceramic Flat Iron to put even more texture into the style by taking small sections and either twisting or pinching the hair together in the direction I want the hair to go.

Everyone has loved Bella's hair throughout the Twilight movies - how would you tell someone at home to get that look?
Kristen had her own hairstylist for the film, but to achieve the Bella look I would use my Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer and Large Ceramic Brush to infuse fullness into the hair.

Then I would use my 1 1/4 inch Ceramic Curling Iron all over the head to create big, loose waves. Once that is done and the hair has cooled a bit, I would flip the hair upside down and run my fingers through the base to make it even fuller. If needed, I would add a little back combing at the base.

With movie shoot days being notoriously long, what do you do to get the hairstyles to last?
With movie days being as long as they are, I make sure to have a good foundation in the hair. Whether it be a volumizing mousse or a styling cream, having the right product in when you blow dry is very important as is using a thermal heat protectant for your iron work. A good hairspray that is right for your hair type and weather conditions help lock in your finished look. And the ionic properties of the Pro Beauty Tools dryers and steam rollers also help to keep the frizz out and the style in!

Rosalie (Nikki Reed) obviously has long, thick hair -- what do you use to get her loose curls, and how do you keep them from frizzing up throughout the day?
For Rosalie's loose curls I started with my PBT dryer and a large paddle brush. Once Nikki's hair was dry I used the PBT Ionic Steam Setter to curl her hair by pinching sections of hair and spiraling them around the rollers. I then used my PBT dryer to set the curls by first using the hot setting and then cooling off the rollers by pressing the cool button on my dryer.

The ionic setting on the setter helps to lock in the curls and prevent frizz and  drop from external humidity. Always start with a good foundation by using a mousse or styling cream and set your style with your favorite hairspray for longer lasting styles.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have been coveted for their hair as well - what products did you use on set to give them that effortlessly disheveled look?
For Edward's look a good texturized haircut is very important. When I styled Robert's hair I started with my PBT dryer and vent brush  with a little volumizing mousse to give his hair the direction and volume it needed for this look. Then I went in with my PBT Ceramic Detailing Iron for the finishing touches. It is small enough to get close to the root for the lift and direction that gives that Edward signature look. I finished it off with some styling cream for definition.

Taylor was done by my son, Richard. Again a great haircut is very important. For the Jacob look he started with his PBT Dryer and vent brush. He put in the definition with his PBT Ceramic Detailing Iron and some styling wax.

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