Get Beachy Waves With Kevin Murphy’s Wave.Clips


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If youve been on the hunt for a relatively simple way to update your tired do this spring, youre in lucktheres a new hair tool on the market thats, literally, making waves. Kevin Murphys Australian hair care brand, known for its eco-conscious professional products, recently launched the Wave.Clip, a styling tool similar to traditional rollers, that will quickly and easily create the soft, beachy, frizz-free waves of your dreams.

Before giving these bad boys a try, heres what youll need:

  • A volumizing, holding mousse
  • 6-12 Wave.Clips, depending on the length of your hair
  • Small, hairdresser-type roller clips
  • 2 hairnets
  • A heat-protecting spray

Once youve got all of your supplies, start by brushing the volumizing product through your damp hair and blow-dry it out smooth. Resist the urge to go over the hair with a straightening iron, as that will only make it more difficult to keep the clips in place.

Split your hair into four or five large sections, making sure to leave out any fringe. Open your first Wave.Clip and place it around half way down the hair shaft to achieve the look of natural movement. Make sure no hair is caught in the edges of the clip, click it closed, and then apply the next one directly below it so the edges meet. Secure the ends with a pin to hold the Wave.Clips in place.

Once you finish applying all the clips, wrap hairnets around the sections to help avoid creating flyaways during the next step. Then, take your heat-protecting spray and use it to lightly dampen the hair. Put your hair dryer on the high heat, low blow setting and blow-dry each section on top and from behind to make sure your hair is completely dry. Then, switch your dryer to the cold setting and give the hair a quick blast to cool and set the waves.

To finish the look, remove the hairnets, pins, and Wave.Clips, and run your fingers through your hair to break up the sections and mess it up a bit. The result: smooth, subtle, 70s-style waves with lots of volumeno finicky hot tools required. Thanks to Kevin.Murphy, well be waving good-bye to ho-hum hair days this spring.

Kevin.Murphy Wave.Clips are available at salons and beauty supply stores worldwide for $3.75 each.

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