Frizz-Free Straight Hair at Last


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Last summer I had to go to a party outside and was determined to keep my hair straight. After growing up with curly hair thick enough for three heads, I’ve had massive experience with straightening it out. It was a humid night in June, and to save myself the hassle I went to have it blown out and flat ironed professionally. Right before ironing, I noticed the stylist spraying each piece of dry hair generously with what appeared to be a hairspray.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

She explained that it would cut my ironing time in half, leave my hair extra flat, and the best part? It would effectively fight frizz the way sticky hairspray would. Naturally I was skeptical, but she was right. She was using a special flat iron spray by Straight Sexy Hair called Smooth and Protect. It looks like a hairspray, and how it works is you spray each piece and iron it before combing it out. This will scare you; your hair will look sticky and ruined. But miraculously once it’s combed out, it’s smooth and manageable. It’s basically a hairspray with all the perks and none of the downfalls.

How it saves you time is you don’t even need to have your hair blown out first. I’ve experimented with it when my hair is curly, and it flattens it out in half the time. It’s amazing for the summer months because you need so much more product to protect it from all the moisture in the air. But after the cooler months rolled in, I found myself still using it anyway. It basically guarantees you shiny flat hair every time, and even when I leave it curly, I spray it through to keep it smooth.

At $11 a bottle, this is a must-have spray for all women with hair irons, and something I’m certain I’ll never go without in my medicine cabinet again.

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