Frizz-Free Secret Weapons: I’ve Discovered The Perfect Combo

Rachel Adler

128088 13063399872 Frizz Free Secret Weapons: Ive Discovered The Perfect Combo

Figuring out the perfect combination of products to battle frizz is not an easy task, trust me. And, when humidity sets in for months on end (or in N.Y.C.’s case, rain for five weeks straight) it becomes even harder.

After experimenting with endless (and I mean endless) amounts of different beauty products, I have finally found a routine that seems to work for me. Let me preface this by saying that this may not work for you I have curly hair that is medium thickness, and is colored on a regular basis so it’s a tad dry at the moment, and obviously haircare routines need to be tailored for your hair type. But, once I discovered my secret weapons, I just had to spill the deets.

Most days I don’t dry my hair, I instead let it air dry (I figure I’ve done enough heat damage and color damage to it over the years) but the down side to this is it tends to frizz up. So, I’ve started washing my hair with Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner which is kind of a godsend. Not only does it smell amazing, but it revives my hair each day with enough moisture to get me through, but doesn’t weight it down. Then to style I use Liqwd’s The Perfect Wave to give my curls a soft shine, and top the entire thing off with a light spray of Oribe Super Fine Hairspray for a very light hold.

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