The Easiest Curling Iron You’ll Ever Try: Beachwaver

Rachel Adler

Curling your hair is something that has always taken a bit of commitment – commitment to learn how to do it and to set aside time to want to do it right. But now, a product has come along that may just be the answer to everything.

Sarah Potempa, celebrity hairstylist for the likes of Emmy Rossum and the Olsens, has been in the hair industry for years and is constantly asked the same question: How can I get red carpet waves? After two years of research Sarah finally developed the tool that will easily give her clients those waves — a rotating curling iron called the BEACHWAVER.

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The curling iron actually takes all the guess work out of curling your hair and becomes your very own hairstylist. You simply have to turn it on, set the heat and then select which side of the head you’ll be starting your curls on. There is a button for left and a button for right. Next, you hold the iron with the clamp facing toward your head and press the “go” button until your hair is curled up into the iron and simply hold for 10 seconds and then release!

At first I was a little skeptical about an iron that would automatically suck all my hair into it — but was pleasantly surprised by how much control I had over the iron. You barely have to turn your wrist if you don’t want to. Speaking as someone who would much rather have someone else curl my hair for me than deal with holding the curling iron in twenty different directions and angles, this iron made it simple, painless and just so basic.

For more information on the iron, Sarah will be on QVC on Monday 2/6 at 7PM giving style demonstrations (and of course selling the irons!) and you can also purchase them on

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