Calvin Klein Fall 2011: What Was With The Hair?

Rachel Adler

115857 12979837402 Calvin Klein Fall 2011: What Was With The Hair?

The slicked back look has definitely soldified itself as a trend for the fall season, and popped up once again at Calvin Klein today. What strikes me as odd though, is the rest of the style that Guido Palau created. I respect Palau completely don’t get me wrong everything he touches typically turns to gold. But this style seems to be a “messy” ponytail, and I feel as if the wetness from the products in the front combined with the undone feel at the crown of the head has just ruined the cleanliness of the look.

I’m all for the “business in the front party in the back” (ugh, I did not just quote the mullet motto) look, like we saw at Marchesa, but this just did not play out. Ah, well, Palau’s styles at Rag & Bone and Marc Jacobs I’ll be working on achieving this spring as will many of you, I’m sure.

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