Braiding Hair Makes Men Angry And Aggressive

Rachel Adler

Growing up around a lot of males, you learn a few things. For one, they love to compete with each other to see who can eat the most, and if they’re ever told to do something remotely feminine (such as hold their girlfriend’s purse) they get extremely embarrassed, defensive or mad.

So, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to hear about the results of a survey via ABC, which was conducted by psychologists Jennifer K. Bosson and Joseph A. Vandello at the University of South Florida. The study had men either braid a woman’s hair, or a “gender-neutral” rope. They then had them choose between punching a bag, or doing a puzzle. And, of course, the men who braided the women’s hair chose to punch. In a second experiment, they let everybody punch the bags but tested who hit the bag harder (the men who had braided the hair, or the men who had braided the rope) and yep, the men who braided hair hit harder. And finally, in a third test, they had everybody braid hair but only let half of the group punch the bag. This actually left the men more anxious than the group lucky guys who go to punch.

Having seen somewhat similar situations all of our lives, us girls would have probably expected these results. The men are simply showing that even though they just braided hair, a pretty “girly” task, they are still manly-men. According to the psychologists who conducted the study, this aggression in males is a “status that is elusive (it must be earned) and tenuous (it must be demonstrated repeatedly through actions).”

So ladies, keep this in mind the next time you ask your guy to hold your purse, help you with your makeup, or braid your hair. Like you would ever let your man help you with that anyway.

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