Bitten By the Color Bug: Kevin Murphy Launches Powder

Rachel Adler

We all have clearly been bitten by the color bug, whether you first jumped up to try the trend that was spotted at Proenza’s Spring 2010 shows, or you anxiously awaited until this summer when it took Hollywood by storm. Or rather, if you still haven’t braved the bright colors but after seeing it all over the Spring 2012 runways have finally convinced yourself it’s just about time, we may have the perfect product for you.

Kevin Murphy has just released the accurately named Color Bug, created for those that want to try the full trend but don’t want to be stuck with the color for days. The powder gives you anything from a light wash of color to a bright dose depending on the look you are going for. It works by applying a hair product first, for example a light product like hairspray or a thicker product like a texturizer if you want the color to be brighter and have more of a hold.

Watch the podcast on Kevin Murphy’s site for an awesome tutorial on how to apply the Color Bug, and test it out this weekend with your friends!

Kevin Murphy Color Bug, $20, for salons

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