Beauty Banter: How Can I Fix My Flat-Iron Damaged Hair?


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Dear Beauty Banter,

How do I revive my hair from the damage of a flat iron?

Tasha from Maine

Dear Tasha,
As there are a variety of styling products and utensils available for hairstyling in the market, not having the right knowledge will mean consumers might not use them properly and cause damage to their hair. Improper use of styling products and tools can lead to damaged hair and hair loss.

Solution: use heat protection sprays on your hair whenever you are using heated appliances, from your blow dryer to flat iron. The heat protection sprays are meant to minimize the damaging effects of heat over the hair. Heat can damage the hair and leave it looking dull, dry and frizzy.

Visit your hairstylist for a haircut because if the damage has already been done you will need to trim the ends of your hair. Regular trims will ensure your hair doesn’t develop split ends and that the damaged hair will gradually be removed. After each trimming session make sure to get a deep conditioning treatment. This will ensure your hair will be nourished and will gradually start to be revived.

I suggest you try John Freida Full Repair system: Full Repair Shampoo and Full Repair Conditioner. Both are formulated with Omega-rich Inca Inchi oil, adding needed volume and bounce to overworked hair. Just after one use, your hair will be much smoother, and noticeably-fewer tangles make it a lot easier to brush your hair. Be sure to follow the bottles tip and leave conditioner in for at least two minutes to achieve the full effect.

Eugene Davis

Eugene Davis is a celebrity hair stylist, wig designer and art director with 20 years of industry experience from music, TV, commercial, advertising, and editorial work.

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