50’s Flashback: Hot Roller Revival

Lauren Caruso

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While the idea of hot rollers may conjure up archaic imagery of an old lady donning a bathrobe and a cigarette circa 1950, they are making quite the comeback for this season’s loose glammed up styles so much so that I felt compelled to ditch my straightener three days in a row. But before dusting off those spongy curlers from the 90’s, breaking out all four of your curling irons or making a terrible perm choice (do salons still even do those?) to get the curls you’re lusting for, think a little outside the iron. Hot rollers offer the much-needed convenience (especially in the morning) of double-tasking with two hands. Besides, it’s impossible to do your makeup and not burn yourself when you’ve only got one. I’ve tried.

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Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters
In yet another “duh” moment, Remington debuted a set of hot rollers that heat up with the clips already attached. The T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters not only scores you an extra five (crucial) minutes in the morning, but also secures the curl two fold: both the outside and the inside of the curler heats up for a longer lasting result. Seriously though, what took us so long? (Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Heated Clip Setters, $39.99, ulta.com)

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BaByliss Pro BABHS40 Ceramic and Ionic 30-Roller Hair Set
Though this set doesn’t boast any exclusive innovations or never-before-seen technology, this set from BaByLiss couldn’t be overlooked. Slightly more expensive than your usual set, these hot rollers come with 30 – count ’em – 30 curlers in four sizes varying from small to jumbo. The ceramic generates infrared heating for gentler styling while the dual ionic ports emit enough negative ions for shiny, frizz-free hair. I’m in. (BaByliss Pro BABHS40 Ceramic and Ionic 30-Roller Hair Set, $79.95, folica.com)

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20-Piece Hairsetter from Bed Head by TIGI
If you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to keep track of anything not permanently attached to you. The folks at TIGI must have heard similar frustrations from women everywhere when they conjured up this innovation a magnetic pin holder. Imagine that not fumbling around for the ten or so pins you have left after you misplaced nearly half of them in one week alone. The set comes with 20 rollers in varying styles (and 20 accompanying pins). Though it’s not as large a set as thick-maned girls would hope for, I’m completely sold on the magnetic holder. I’m thinking of buying two just to keep track of my ever-elusive bobby pins. (20-Piece Hairsetter from Bed Head by TIGI, $31, ulta.com)

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