Need to Buy: All-in-One Makeup Palettes

Need to Buy: All-in-One Makeup Palettes
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For many, the new school year is just days away.  With class, extracurricular activities and other commitments filling up your day, your usual makeup routine may start to suffer. However, your makeup can still look picture perfect on the go with all-in-one makeup palettes.

These compact sets include all the bits you need to touch up throughout the day and keep you looking fresh. From celebrated brands like Benefit to Stila and Smashbox, combination palettes tackle the major points of the face: eyes, lips and cheeks.

The multi-purpose products included in these palettes work overtime and can lead to a variety of different looks. Potted lipsticks or creams can be patted and blended onto the cheeks giving them a subtle hue or layered with powder blushes to achieve a deeper color. Darker shadows can be blended along the lash line for a soft liner look and light, shimmery pale colors can work as a highlight on the cheeks. Pink shadow can be layered over similar shaded lipsticks for an intense matte look.

These combination palettes can transform your look to suit an array of situations and settings and will save you the mornings you’re rushing out the door.  Available at all price points, grab yourself an all-in-one palette and never miss a makeup moment this school year.

Click through the slideshow and tell us which palette you’d like to grab on the go.

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