Butter LONDON’s Katie Hughes On Nail Polish Tips, Makeup Must-Haves, and More

Butter LONDON’s Katie Hughes On Nail Polish Tips, Makeup Must-Haves, and More
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When it comes to finding great nail polish brands that are always on trend yet still care about the well-being of our fingernails, we don’t mess around. We can rattle off, for example, the length of wear for our latest must-have polishes (Color Club’s Wild Cactus lasted on our fingers for three days, whereas Jin Soon’s Audacity lasted an easy six), plus we can tell you the best top coat to extend that aforementioned wear. Butter LONDON, as it happens, is consistently one of our go-to polish labels, so we jumped at the chance to get a peek at Global Colour Ambassador Katie Hughes‘ beauty essentials.

Hughes is known for her trendy nail designs, making news on both sides of the nail spectrum this New York Fashion Week with bedazzled gold nails at Libertine, for example, and matte black nails with shiny tips at Kaelen. Her appreciation for all types of textures and colors is what helps Hughes to stand out in a constantly changing industry. Hughes credits her training as a makeup artist (assisting Alexsandra Byrne) for her artistic eye, and we could tell upon meeting her at her hotel room during Fashion Week that she clearly has a flair for shopping as well.

While Hughes may lead a hectic lifestyle constantly producing new nail art trends, collaborating with butter LONDON on colors and traveling the world for shoots and projects, she certainly doesn’t let her beauty look suffer from being busy. Here, the busy ambassador shows us exactly what products she relies on and how often she reapplies her nail polish each day. Trust us, some of the answers will surprise you!

Photography by Ally Lindsay

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