The Business of Backstage: Balloon Duty

Amanda Elser

We loved the textured, yet sleek pony at Richard Chai, but what we loved even more was how Avon’s celebrity hairstylist Tippi Shorter added static by rubbing balloons on each model’s ponytail.

This immediately got us thinking… whose job was it to blow up all of the balloons scattered amongst Avon 3D Rescue products? Well, we did a little investigating and found out exactly who had this crucial role.

We managed to track down Blair Crames and Susan Goldberg to find out if they got exactly what they signed up for when they were put on balloon duty.

What do you do? Avon and Tractenberg PR (respectively)

What time did you get here? 8 AM call time with the stylist

How many shows do you have this week? Avon is doing only the one!

Did you know you would have to be blowing up balloons today? Oh ya, they are part of the stylist’s tools for the show! We knew this was something we were going to have to do.

Make sure to check back throughout New York Fashion Week for more of “The Business of Backstage”, where we plan on featuring the people that do the behind-the-scenes jobs you most likely have never heard of… like balloon blower.

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