Brunettes Are Not A Bore


Anne Hathaway

How many times have we heard it – Blondes have more fun. Is it really the case? Research done by the folks at Clairol shows browns are definitely the top sellers right now. According to Clairol data over the past six years, they’ve seen brown overtake blonde as the number one shade family. I know I’ve seen the trend myself at the salon – especially this time of year. Women are trading in their summer blond bombshell tresses for the sophisticated glamour brunettes have a about them. 

An interesting point about brunettes is that they can easily mix two elements that many times are difficult to combine – warm and chic. It’s important to stay modern when going brunette. A really solid opaque color can look heavy and dated. Keep it fresh by introducing subtle variations with tone on tone highlights for depth and dimension. When I colored Anne Hathaway‘s hair for the premier of Rachel Getting Married the words she used during her consultation were rich, warm and deep. I think she nailed it. What do you think? LMK – Jason

Photo copyright Getty Images. 

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