News: Britney Spears’s Braided Updo; Tinted Nail Polish is Trending for Spring

Leah Faye Cooper
Britney Spears Instagram hair

Photo: Instagram

Britney Spears¬†hit her Instagram followers with a braided updo that’s equal parts intricate and messy. Just looking at it gives us hand cramps, but we’re still big fans. [InStyle]

Tinted nail polish is trending for spring. Check out a few barely-there options. [Byrdie]

Jennifer Lopez‘s makeup artist Mary Phillips recently shared the secrets to the much sought after J.Lo¬†glow. A million thank yous, Mary. [Lipstick]

Those shots you took last night probably weren’t a good idea, and neither is neglecting your skin in the aftermath. Here’s how to rehab it after one (or five) too many drinks. [Allure]

Start making room on your iPhone: There are a host of free anti-anxiety apps you can download. [STYLECASTER]

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