Brighten Your Smile For Spring With At-Home Kits

Rachel Adler

With a new season comes new trends, new clothing, new beauty products, and new beauty routines. And of course, new beauty routines. Not only is self-tanner now a must (so add exfoliator to your list of to-do’s) but so is SPF (which always should have been).

Another seasonal update, is teeth whitening. Whether you are a whitening addict or just like to give your smile a little bit of an extra lift, a great reminder is as the seasons change. With the products available in stores now, there’s no need to waste a dentist’s appointment (or the next 5 weeks of your life). Read on for our favorite hour whitening systems!

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These 2 hour express strips from Crest are not only an improvement on a classic, but also give you four treatments in one box. So, every three months you can pop on the strips during your Netflix movie, and you’re smile instantly gets a bit of a lift. (Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Seal 2 Hour Express Whitening Kit, $55.99,

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Luster’s whitening kit promises a whiter smiler in 1 hour, and is great for those with a sensitive smile. (Luster 1 Hour White Tooth Whitening System, $39.99,

120969 1301509365 Brighten Your Smile For Spring With At Home Kits

Rembrandt’s comfy tray application system takes just 2 hours to whiten your teeth, and supplies you with 8 gel tubes ot help you fill the trays and remove stains. (Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit, $18.49,

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