Brighten Your Eyes With White Eyeliner

Rachel Adler

One of the keys to looking more awake (a constant beauty woe) is adding highlighter or shimmer to areas of your face. Instead of always using a highlighter, many makeup artists reach for white eyeliner to brighten their clients peepers.

Arwen Hoots, makeup artist for Urban Decay, shows us how to apply white liner to open up our eyes. Follow the steps below and no one will notice the fact that you pulled an all-nighter last night…

Step 1:

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Apply Yeyo white eyeliner to the waterline of the eye.

Step 2:

104985 1289343349 Brighten Your Eyes With White Eyeliner

Warm up the eyeliner with your finger and dab along the inside of the eye and the brow bone. Go along the waterline once more try to keep the liner out of the lashes as it’s hard to remove once it’s in there.

Step 3:

104986 1289343351 Brighten Your Eyes With White Eyeliner

Finish off with mascara!

Photos courtesy of Janice Chou for Beauty High

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