Tuesday’s #NailCall: Brighter is Better

Tuesday’s #NailCall: Brighter is Better
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While the summer may be wrapping up soon, when it comes to neons, we’re not ready to let go just yet. The bond between nails and bright colors is just too strong to break, so instead it’s being embraced while the summer is still here. Whether lime green or electric blue, these in-your-face hues can’t be hidden (and that’s just the way we like it).

This week, Instagram users grabbed our attention as they turned the brightness up a full notch. From glitter to stripes, cheetah print to confetti, and every vibrant color in between, our eyes couldn’t miss all the over the top nail art. Throw on your best pair of shades, take a look, and let us know which look you’re loving. If you create any amazing nail art of your own, be sure to take a picture and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #NailCall and tag us @BeautyHigh for the chance to be featured in next week’s #NailCall!

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