Breast Makeup: How To Fake Great Boobs

Rachel Adler

Ever wonder why celebrities look so great in their dresses? Even those girls such as Keira Knightley, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman know how to make a dress appear “filled out” when they need to.

The secret is actually all in the makeup bronzer or powder to be exact, and where you apply it. Below are 3 quick tips to get the appearance of bigger boobs minus the painful surgery.

Step 1. You’ll be using two bronzers – or a darker and lighter shade of powder. The key here is that you’ll be contouring, so you’ll need two different colors to work with.
Step 2. Put on your push up bra (clearly this will give you the biggest boost!) and apply the darker color where your bra strap hits the cup along the highest part of your natural curve, and then down into the inner edge of your cleavage. Repeat on the other side – this will help to define your cleavage.
Step 3. Using the lighter color, brush this down the middle of your cleavage to catch the light and create depth.

Watch the video below from YouTube for some more help as well:


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