The Lazy Girl’s Trick to Getting Bella Thorne’s Romantic Braid

Shannon Farrell
Bella Thorne

Photo: Getty Images

Although I am obsessed with Frenching (braiding, that is), I know a lot of women who can’t do it. So when they see a seemingly intricate braid like Bella Thorne‘s, they assume they can’t recreate it, but there’s a small trick that makes it super easy to replicate.

Bella Thorne

Photo: Getty Images

Bella has two Dutch braids that are intertwined with random pieces of hair, creating waterfall braids. But here’s the easy way to do it: Start braiding inside out on one side. So instead of pulling one strand of hair over the other, pull the strands under. While you’re moving horizontally along the head, take a strand of hair anywhere and pull it through a braid loop. Let it hang loosely like Bella’s for movement. Continue to do this and finish just below the other ear. Because pieces are being pulled in, it creates this allusion of French braiding.  And of course, the messier the better.

What do you think of our cheating trick? Easy enough to try?

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