Box or not?


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For about a million years there have been two fundamentally different camps as far as hair color is concerned. First there is Camp A. Camp A is comprised of the women who color their hair in the salon, consider it a necessity (luxury or not) and would never consider another alternative. Camp B on the other hand is the women who choose the convenient, economic and practical route of purchasing their hair color over the counter. I have also discovered the A/B Camp. This is a particularly interesting group as they have a mixed loyalty. Anyone belonging to the A/B Camp generally enjoys the salon experience and having her color done professionally BUT is not only unafraid to use box color – she can be impulsively inspired to do it!  

I guess if I were to classify myself I would have to say I am a 100% committed member of the A/B group! As a salon colorist for a long time (after 10 years I decided to just start saying “a long time” instead of really dating myself) I am a total believer in salon hair color. At exactly the same time, as the Color Director for Clairol (a position I am thrilled, honored and grateful to hold) I am also a firm believer in at home hair color.

I am a fortunate guy. I get to do what I love. I get to play with the best products in the world (consumer to professional) and I get to apply them to some of the most beautiful women in the world (my mom and sister to models and celebrities). Tonight, I have invited 10 women into the ted gibson salon here in NYC to play with Clairol’s Perfect10 hair color. I will take some before and after pictures and share them you – along with some tips and tricks and “out of the box” ideas about at home color. It will be super fun and very exciting!!!

So, which camp are you? LMK – Jason

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