Botox’s Next Challenge: To Cure Overactive Bladders

Rachel Adler

Botox is really seeing no limits at this point, being used to not only cure those pesky wrinkles, but also migraines and many other muscle problems such as neck pain and soon possibly asthma. Well now, Allergan, (the Botox manufacturer) is hoping that Botox will be approved to treat overactive bladders as well.

In an interview with Reuters, Allergan Inc Chief Executive David Pyott spoke about the abilities in which Botox is able to treat the condition (which causes a variety of problems, one of which is the frequent need to urinate). “Current drugs for overactive bladder just don’t work that well and studies show that after a year 70 percent of patients don’t respond to treatment,” said Pyott.

As of right now, the pills that are typically used to treat the condition tend to cause many side effects (like any other medication, but they can be unpleasant) such as dry mouth, constipation, and others. With just one shot of Botox the bladder could function properly for up to nine months, since the condition is caused by uncontrollable contractions of the bladder. If regulators do indeed approve the use of Botox in this way, Reuters reports that Allergan could make up to an extra $500 million annually. Clearly being in the Botox biz is not a bad deal right now, and of course, if you have an overactive bladder this could mean good things for you too.

[via Reuters and Jezebel]

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