Body Confidence Envy: Lena Dunham

Megan Segura
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While I realize the HBO show Girls may not be for everyone, I can’t help but recommend it to everyone. It’s at once just like Sex And The City and yet, the complete antithesis. Either way, they do pay homage to the original four New Yorkers with a SATC poster in one of the character’s apartments. What I love most about the show is Lena Dunham and her character, Hannah.

As you can tell if you’ve seen previews or posters for the series, Lena doesn’t look like your average show lead. She’s nowhere close to being obese, but she isn’t exactly a size zero like the other actresses on Girls, either. She’s real looking, but unlike other real women, she doesn’t spend her time complaining about her looks.

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The script, which is written by Dunham, rarely mentions Hannah’s weight, and when it does come up, Hannah owns it, instead of beating herself up. We even see her boyfriend/”fun” buddy pinching her rolls and asking if she’s ever tried to lose weight. That certainly would have sent Carrie Bradshaw (or us) over the edge crying, but Hannah doesn’t give a fig.

Different media sources have been quick to point out what they feel are gratuitous sex scenes or bad messages to send to young women, but I think Lena Dunham’s Hannah is a great role model to get behind. A 25-year-old who actually has body confidence is nothing to sneer at. That’s quite a surprise in a world where actresses and models are fitting into smaller and smaller sizes.

Have you watched Girls? What’s your take on the show?

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