Bloggers Spill the Craziest Things They’ve Ever Done to Protect a Blowout

Aly Walansky
blowout Bloggers Spill the Craziest Things Theyve Ever Done to Protect a Blowout

We’ll be the first to tell you how much stock we put in a good blowout. It boosts your confidence, makes you feel pampered and afterwards, you can definitely get away with not washing your hair for days. In short, blowouts are a mainstay in our beauty routines. But, how far are we willing to go to keep one looking good?

After realizing our own blowout saving tendencies may be a little crazy (yes, we keep a shower cap in our purse at all times just in case), we figured others may also go to lengths to keep their hair looking good. Here, we’ve asked some of our favorite beauty bloggers the craziest things they’ve ever done to protect a blowout — you can’t make this stuff up.

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“The craziest thing that I do to protect a good blow out would definitely be the fact that I sometimes sleep on my couch.  I sleep at an angle and throw my hair over the edge…I’ve noticed that this prevents loss of curl and volume.” – Jamie Stone,

“I have walked blocks with both arms arched over my head in lieu of an umbrella after getting caught in the rain post blowout!” – Amber Katz, 

“Protecting my blowout is not only about keeping it straight, there are also curls and frizz to consider. My hair will lose the curl and get frizzy at the roots when it’s humid without fail. Once when I had an on air appearance in the dead of summer, I had my hair done. Roots straight, curled, everything. I knew as soon as the horrible humid air touched it, it would be over. I sectioned it, put it in sponge curlers, sprayed it, covered it with a scarf, ran to the car and drove to the studio with the AC blasting and the windows all the way up. I looked crazy arriving at the studio like that but my hair looked perfect.  Plus, I’m sure they have seen worse!” – Lianne Farbes,

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“I was in Japan a few years ago. I got off the plane and headed to my hotel to change outfits and pop on heels for my first Tokyo meal. Well, as luck would have it, it started to drizzle on my fresh blowout. I bought an overpriced bright orange silk scarf and wrapped it around my head. As I walked out, a six foot woman wearing a gorgeous silk scarf, I was approached for autographs. I asked why? A group of tourists thought I was an Arab princess. I went with it. Nothing was coming between me and my blowout.” – Bryce Gruber, The Luxury Spot

“The craziest thing I’ve ever done to preserve my blowout was not gone to the gym!  Sacrificing being in shape for good hair is debatable, but I learned, not worth it!” – Jeannine Morris,

“One time I had my hair styled and wrapped in a silk scarf every night to try to protect, but every morning I’d wake up and the scarf would be off my head and tossed across the room…I think it still helped though!  That and a lot of dry shampoo…” – Marina Klimasiewfski,

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