The Bloody Halloween Nail Video That’s Freaking Everyone Out

The Bloody Halloween Nail Video That’s Freaking Everyone Out
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After you reach a certain age, you start realizing that nothing about Halloween is real, and that all of those amputated zombies drenched in fake blood are really just your mom and dad covered in corn syrup and red food coloring. It’s a sad, sad day. So when saw that the internet was freaking out over a Halloween-themed manicure of bloody nails, we were skeptical. Like, come on—how real could these babies look?

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Uh, very real, apparently, based on the 1.1 million views the Instagram video has received in one week. The video, which features a harmless little fake nail being pulled off with Tweezers, was uploaded by a nail artist under the name of @narmai, whose Instagram is filled with crazy unique, detailed, and shocking manicures (we’re talkin’ art-school-level nail art). But this video is less about the details, and more about the scare factor, clearly.

Hey, we weren’t kidding about the creepy fact. Pretty much immediately, the internet freaked out, asking the nail artist why the hell he/she would inflict such horror onto the Instagram world (more or less), while other users genuinely thought the video was real. But @narmai calmed everyone’s nerves…sort of…by posting a follow-up video the next day, showing exactly how the bloody nails were created, with a note saying, “Don’t worry, my nails are just fine.”

The trick to the spooky look: a mix of wax and red face paint. Yes, those two harmless ingredients can create an insanely creepy look in under three minutes. So if you’re not sure what to do for Halloween, we suggest a full-hand of bloody nails. Sure, you won’t be able to touch or hold anything, but it’s the price you pay for horror, right?

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