Blond Ambition


One of the great things about being home over the holidays is that you get to spend time watching totally inane movies like Down to You starring Freddy Prince, Jr. and Julia Stiles (Rotten Tomatos gave is a 4% approval rating) and The Dukes of Hazard with Jessica Simpson. Now, before you start rolling your eyes, you have to admit Jessica Simpson is especially hot in this movie. And if I remember the original Daisy’s character, I don’t think her acting was half bad either–comparably, at least. AND the appearance of The Super Trooper characters was pretty amazing.

Back to the Simpson hotness factor: I’m going to have to give her a solid 9.8 in the movie. To recreate this look I’m going to need a wig, tons of self-tanner, and the new MAC collection for blonds.  See, the makeup colors that I have definitely do not work with blond hair (I learned this on Halloween last year). Thankfully MAC has created blond, brunette, and redhead collections that are releasing this week. For each collection there are ten different product suggestions intended to help showcase your hair color through your makeup. The collections are complete with two lipstick options, two glosses, three eye shadows, a mineral powder, an eye liner and brow set which create a look complementary to your hair color. Which is great because now I can focus my efforts on fitting into my denim cut-off daisy dukes.


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