Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Halloween Tips

Rachel Hayes

Halloween is a time for ghouls and goblins, but also gorgeousness. We’ve rounded up the Beauty Bloggerati’s best tips for Halloween hair and makeup. Here, they dish on everything from faux lashes to hair-raising wigs.

liptarsmain Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Halloween Tips

1. “For Halloween, the gals in the Product Girl household break out our MAC Pigments, brushes and tape… yes, tape! The tape helps to create sharp lines in our makeup, especially if the style we’re going for is sci-fi futuristic or robotic. Then, for vivid or goulish lips, we’ll be adding in Obsessive Compulsive’s Lip Tars into the mix. There’s a shade for almost every color in the rainbow, plus they are super pigmented and fun to work with.”–Product Girl

2. “This Halloween, I’m planning to do an encore presentation of my Mad Men Betty Draper concept from last year. I wasn’t about to cut my hair for my “role,” but I found I was able to “Bettify” my do by securing a very low ponytail and then tucking the elastic and the end of the ponytail underneath my hair and anchored it with bobby pins. Then, I curled the front layers with a large curling iron.”–Beauty Blogging Junkie

haunted eyes Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Halloween Tips

3. “Embrace your inner vampire with crazy contacts. What’s so cool about today’s hottest vampires is that they look totally normal–OK, above average hot–and then they change in the blink of an eye. I’m obsessed with these cool Haunted Eyes contact lenses that come in all sorts of spooky designs such as Cullen Twilight, Vampire Red, Black Wolf and Blackout. See how you look in them in the Makeover Studio! –Now That’s A Makeover

4. “I love Halloween makeup, because you can go completely over the top. After years of wearing stage makeup as a dancer, I usually avoid dark lip colors. Halloween is the one time that I go all out with deep plum and dark red. And fake eyelashes are a necessity.” –Makeover Momma

5. “Instead of spending money on a cheap wig from the drugstore or Halloween shop, visit a local wig shop. You can get a better looking, better quality wig for the same price or cheaper.”–Spoiled Pretty

 Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Halloween Tips

6. “You can’t go wrong with darker than dark eyes on Halloween night. I like to take a kohl liner and heavily rim my top and lower lashline, then pile on the pigmented shadow. I like the L’Oreal HIP Pure Pigment Sticks on my lids and under the eyes. Follow that up with a 4 or 5 coats of volumizing mascara like CoverGirl LashBlast and you’ve got a dramatic dark eye that can be paired with every costume from a zombie bride to a Rock of Love contestant (which, let’s be honest, are pretty much the same thing).” –Beauty On A Dime

7. “Pop on a pair of false lashes — the bigger and bolder, the better. Falsies add instant drama to any Halloween look.” –Makeup and Beauty Blog

8. “My tip is use mascara on the lid to adhere glitter and lash glue to adhere rhinestones.” –Purse Buzz

shu uemura marine tide lashes Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Halloween Tips

9. “I love Halloween because I can get out all my crazy, funky, and over-the-top makeup and wear it without thinking twice! My favorite way to dress up for Halloween is make my lashes very long and theatrical with beautiful false lashes by shu uemura the Tokyo Lash Bar Collection.” –Talking Makeup

10. “Halloween is a great time to play with wigs and colorful makeup, but be sure to do a test patch a few days before with Halloween makeup–especially heavy costume makeup–before actually wearing it out for an extended period of time.” –Beyond Beauty Basics

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