Bleached Brows Have Taken Over Fashion Spreads, Will You Try The Look?

Rachel Adler

Bleached brows have been popping up on runways for a few seasons now, and for those of us editors who have the privilege of getting to see the action behind the scenes, we are also privy to seeing which makeup artists like the trend, and which do not.

The legendary Pat McGrath loves to make a pair of brows disappear, whereas Tom Pecheux (and pretty much all of the other artists) loath the look. We can see where it has it’s pull on the runway — bleached brows definitely make a statement and can instantly provide a clean, flawless palette to work off of. For a show like Gucci where bold makeup is often a must, bleached brows and a bold smokey eye just makes sense. Obviously, this trend follows us off of the runways and into fashion editorials, as pictured above. Spotted in everything from SS 2012 look books to magazine spreads, bleach has been on hand on many shoots (and we’re hoping for the model’s sake hair dye has been provided as well to dye those babies back after)!

What we want to know, is if you would consider doing this in real life. During fashion month, we heard tales of model’s brow hairs falling out due to having to bleach their brows, then dye back and then bleach again depending on their show schedules and what the show asked for. Obviously, if you were doing this you wouldn’t have to constantly change it up, but bleaching your hair is a drastic move (as many of us know who have tried it on the hair on our heads) and anything could happen — would you take that risk with your brows?

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the look, and if you would ever dare to experiment like that for beauty!

Images via fashiongonerogue

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