Birchbox’s Co-Founder Katia Beauchamp on Making Women’s Dreams Come True

Augusta Falletta

birchbox katia Birchboxs Co Founder Katia Beauchamp on Making Womens Dreams Come True

Take a minute to think of everything you could possibly want at a beauty event. Our wish list includes one part hair salon makeover, one part manicure salon, and about five parts free products. Birchbox, one of our favorite beauty companies around, granted our wishes and then some at their New York Fashion Week Sample Shop.

In the middle of Fashion Week insanity, the Birchbox Sample Shop offered a beautiful place of refuge for editors, bloggers, Fashion Week go-ers, and on Sunday, our Beauty High readers. The shop featured hair, makeup and manicure touch ups, candy dispensers full of beauty products, and a charging station (which was brilliant). Amidst the fantasy-fulfilling event, we caught up with Birchbox Co-Founder, Katia Beauchamp, to get the scoop on her favorite products and how she’s making women’s dreams come alive.

Beauty High: How did you come up with the concept for the Sample Shop? 

Katia Beauchamp: We wanted to bring Birchbox to life for the first time ever, and a huge part of that is the actual putting together of the box. The other part is bringing in the brands that inspire us and create the products, and then show us how to use them, so you can build boxes in one area and then interact with our partners. We used Dylan’s Candy Bar as an inspiration. We thought, “Let’s make every woman’s dream”, like a kid walking into a candy store. Part of it is building your own box, part of it is getting the services. It’s a refuge for bloggers and editors who are here, so they can charge their phones and iPads, and they can actually get something done in between shows.

When you were picking what you wanted as far as products and companies, how did you go about choosing? 

It’s the same with Birchbox, where we have the brands we know and love so we reach out to them, but there are also brands launching every day, so they reach out to us. Our editors and the merchants work together to test out the products and see which ones will work. The idea is that you have this moment when you open a Birchbox when you’re just like, “OOH!”. We want the squeal factor.

Which products are your personal favorites? 

It’s so hard! I change all the time. I tried the benefit Real Mascara when it came out, and it is honestly an incredible mascara. It really does lengthen! I’ve always loved the Luminizing Moisture Tint from Jouer, because it’s really fast. I like Miracle Skin Transformer Under Eye Concealer because I’m tired. In terms of lip, I’ve been really into stains lately. We sampled one from Pixi, and it comes in a marker and it’s just idiot proof and stays on all day.

Do you have any idea what’s coming up next for Birchbox? 

Our idea for Birchbox really started with beauty, but it can be more, and we’ve found that our subscribers really want to discover products in this way. We’ll say, “Does this category work?” and we’ll find more things. We try really hard to make our brand real, because the biggest way we’ve grown is because of the community. It’s a dialogue – two ways. When they don’t like something, we hear it loud and clear, and when they love something, we hear that too.

Image via Birchbox

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