Why You Shouldn’t Pay Attention to the Alarming ‘Bikini Bridge’ Hoax That’s Sweeping Social Media

Meghan Blalock

Remember last year, when the hashtag #CuttingForBieber took over Twitter, as many of his young fans purported to be cutting themselves in protest of his negative representation in the media? That turned out to be a total hoax created by bored Internet trolls over at message board site 4Chan—and now, they’re back to their old ways. Except this time, they’ve aimed their weapons firmly at women’s bodies.

bikini bridge

Photo via Today

If you’re an avid consumer of social media platform like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, you might have seem the term “bikini bridge.” Essentially, it’s a nickname for what happens when a woman in low-cut bikini briefs lies down and her stomach is flat enough to fall below the level of her protruding hip bones, hence forming a “bridge” between the fabric of the briefs and the gap between her hips.

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In certain circles, it’s been lauded as a fitness goal, because it means your stomach is flat enough to allow such a gap to exist, but ladies, beware: this phenomena, while a physical possibility, isn’t something created for us to aspire to. Rather, it’s something a bunch of bored and misogynistic Internet trolls came up with to give women just one more reason to judge, belittle, and otherwise loathe our own bodies. And to that we say: Thanks, but no thanks.

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Social media blog The Daily Dot has revealed that a 4Chan sub-forum by the name of /b/ began the campaign by posting pictures of women in their bikinis along with verbal messaging supporting the existence of the “bikini bridge.” That’s where the phrase first appeared, and now it’s taken off on all the various social media networks, with women everywhere posting selfies and tagging their own #bikinibridges. While they might want to show the world how fit they are, in reality they’re playing into a fake trend created by a random dude who aims to control the way women view their bodies.

So if you were planning on posting a photo of your own bikini bridge, we highly encourage you to refrain; we women already have enough sources telling us our bodies aren’t good enough, so why should we participate in one more?

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