Next Big Nail Trend: The More Texture, The Better

Next Big Nail Trend: The More Texture, The Better
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Nail art has become an obsession among the beauty world and beyond. With trends such as an accent nail, sleek designs, and nail stickers, the manicure empire continues to expand. Seen throughout New York fashion week, we couldn’t help but notice the popularity of texture. Anything from satin to sand finishes, to high gloss, appliques and more were seen on the hands of models, manicurists, and fashion week-goers alike.

“Sometimes the effect of the nail can be changed just by changing the top coat finish of the nail,” Keri Blair of MAC Cosmetics tells us. Nail art is no longer the only interesting aspect of a manicure, and we’re expecting textures to grow as a huge nail trend in the future. If you’re stuck in a nail rut, be sure to try one of these chic textures and let us know which is your favorite in the comments below.

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