BGRW: Try This Braided Updo For Hot Workouts!

Megan Segura
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As a runner, I don’t mind getting a little dirty, but since I’m a girly girl at heart, (and hair fanatic) I love coming up with fun hair ideas for my runs. Sometimes a pony is just too boring for my taste.

Braids To Try Right Now

I love rocking the side braid. It’s simple, quick and going strong on the trend front. However, as we head into the hot weather season, the last thing I want is my hair touching my neck. I want it all up and off of my skin, because honestly, who wants wet hair sticking to their sweaty skin?

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Photos: Daily Makeover

That’s why during the summer months I go with the hairstyle above. It’s quick, pretty and perfect for hot weather. Here’s how to get the style for your next run.

Step 1: Gathering hair at the top of the head, start a French braid down the center of the head.

Step 2: Braid the entire length of the hair and hold with a thin elastic.

Step 3: Fold the braid underneath the French braid, creating a bun.

Step 4: Hold the bun in place with an elastic.

Step 5: Tie a ribbon over the elastic to hide it.

To keep any stray hairs in place, I usually wear a headband, too. My favorites are the Under Armour Women’s Mini Headbands ($11.99, that come in a pack of six. They’re lightweight and last for years. Obsessed.

What do you think of this girly workout ‘do?

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