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Shannon Farrell
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I’d say that training for a marathon makes me pretty disciplined. But there are those days when a margarita with the girls after work sounds so much more appealing than a run in the park. But a new study came out recently that will definitely keep me motivated, especially considering how expensive those margaritas are. According to the June issue of the Journal of Labor Research, people who work out regularly earn a 9 percent higher salary on average than those who don’t.

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This might seem like common knowledge, because if you’re a hard worker at the gym, you’d be a hard worker in the office. But digging deeper, Vasilios Kosteas of Cleveland Sate University, created a scale to judge whether the subjects had the profile of someone who exercises on a regular basis. After narrowing the study down to those that fit this profile, he found that these subjects do, in fact, make more money.

Aside from being more disciplined, exercise has also proven to boost mental function, increase energy levels and improve mood. Aside from making you happier and healthier, a runner’s high makes you a better employee.

I work out for myself and no one else. But knowing that it may make me a better worker and better person? Well that’s just an added bonus. Farewell for now, off to the park. The margaritas can wait.

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