MAC Collaborates With Betty & Veronica!

Caroline Murray
20120710_mac.jpeg (Wide)


Somehow, MAC always knows whom to collaborate with to create the perfect girly, quirky collection. This time, they’re working with Archie comics to whip up the ultimate nerdy-chic cosmetic line (insert 7-year-old squeal here!).

Marilyn Monroe Inspired MAC Collection

“Archie’s Girls,” a limited edition collection to be released next spring, will feature everything from girl-next-door Betty products, to items the super sultry Veronica would wear. So if you haven’t made up your mind about the love triangle, and which girl Archie should go steady with, now would be a good time to choose! Either way, our inner-child is bursting with excitement about this collection.

Although MAC hasn’t given specifics about the collection, we hope it includes big lashes and dark lip colors (à la-Veronica), as well as soft pink glosses and pastel polish (à la-Betty).

Which iconic look would you prefer to wear: Betty’s or Veronica’s?

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