Best-Selling Book To Become A Makeup Line

Megan Segura

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Photo: PhotoAlto Agency RF

I feel like there are a lot of book series out there that lend themselves to becoming makeup lines, like Sweet Valley High or Gossip Girl, but Fifty Shades Of Grey? We vote no.

How To Go Bare…Everywhere

Apparently the trilogy’s representation, Caroline Mickler Agency, is shopping for product licensing, which includes the cosmetics arena.

What’s odd about this idea is that makeup doesn’t play a role at all in the books. In fact, lead character Anastasia Steele is described as pretty plain. Also, who is the target audience for this makeup? Older women already have their tried and true brands, and teens may not have enough familiarity with the series.

The biggest concern over this collection is what it will look like. Fifty Shades Of Grey doesn’t exactly sound like a best-selling palette…I personally think they’re going all wrong with a cosmetics line. What about a lingerie line or sex toys? The books are known, after all, for their graphic sex scenes, not makeup.

What do you think of this possible makeup line?

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