With any art form, the results are always more precise and easier to achieve when you have the right tools at your disposal. Doing your makeup is no different. You can, of course, choose to apply any old powders or liquids with your fingers, but this won’t always lead to the most precise application. Using the proper brushes will drastically improve the final appearance of your look, not to mention the accuracy of the application.

There are a million different makeup brushes out on the market at the moment, but due to the recession, most of us would rather spend our hard earned cash on new products rather than a whole new set of application brushes. We know the feeling. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best brushes on the market right now that will put an end to your search for the perfect one, so you can complete your set and go back to stocking up on the latest mascars and foundations instead.

1 & 2: Make Up Forever HD Kabuki Brush and Benefit Cosmetics Bluff Puff
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Make Up Forever’s nylon brush was designed to brush loose powder over your face — and the soft bristles are great for sensitive skin. For mineral makeup users, this is a must-have as it’s great at spreading a fine veil of powder. (Make Up Forever HD Kabuki Brush, $40, at sephora.com).

Benefit’s bronzing brush perfectly applies bronzer to your face, neck, and decollatage. The large head and soft, natural bristles help to evenly apply the bronzer. The short brush is also great–stash it in your bag for a quick pick-me-up during the day! (Benefit Cosmetics Bluff Puff, $22, at ulta.com).

3 & 4: Sue Devitt Blush Brush and e.l.f. Studio Brush Collection Small Smudge Brush
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Sue Devitt’s blush brush is extremely soft, and made from fine pony hair. Because of the narrow head you get more control in application. Finely apply blush where you want on your cheek, and layer on as needed. (Sue Devitt Blush Brush, $50, at suedevittbeauty.com).

e.l.f.’s Taklon smudge brush creates a detailed color application and is perfect for blending eyeliner and shadow. The small tip is great for creating smoky eyes and for filling in eyebrows. (e.l.f. Studio Brush Collection Small Smudge Brush, $3, at eyeslipsface.com).

5 & 6: Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush and Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Contour Eye Shadow Brush
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The perfect eyeliner brush is one with a fine tip and tightly packed bristles, which is exactly what this brush by Bobbi Brown boasts. The bristles help to create a flawless line (with your steady hand of course) and the long tapered brush helps for a precise application. (Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush, $25, at bobbibrowncosmetics.com).

This contour eye shadow brush in the Bare Minerals collection is by far one of our favorite shadow brushes to hit our desks. The contoured edge helps to blend shadow smoothly and effortlessly against the crease and can also be used for highlighting. It makes applying shadow easy — and it’s great for attempting a bold smoky eye! The brush will be available in the “I Love Be” kit on QVC this week, along with many other amazing products. (Bare Escentuals Bare
Minerals Contour Eye Shadow Brush, available in the “I Love Be” set on QVC.com now.)

7 & 8: Trish McEvoy #23 Angled Contour Brush and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush
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Trish McEvoy’s eyeshadow brush is meant for applying shadow to the crease of your eye. Apply the base eye color with the flat side of the brush and use the angled tip to contour in the crease. (Trish McEvoy #23 Angled Contour Brush, $32, at trishmcevoy.com).

Laura Mercier’s brush is perfect for hiding all of those blemishes or discolored areas that you don’t want anyone to see. The angled tip can fit right up into the corner of your eye, next to your nose, and anywhere else you may need to cover up. (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Brush, $26, at lauramercier.com).

9 & 10:  Smashbox Angle Brow Brush and M.A.C. 316 Lip Brush
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Smashbox’s stiff bristled brush is angled to help you create the perfect brow. You can use it with wax or powder — simply dip the brush in either and stipple in. (Smashbox Angled Brow Brush, $20, at smashbox.com).

A brush with multiple functions is always a winner on our list. M.A.C.’s 316 Lip Brush is made with firm fibres to give you controlled precision for applying lip color, but can also be used for eyeliner — the choice is yours. (M.A.C. 316 Lip Brush, $19.50, at maccosmetics.com)

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Contributed by: Rachel Adler