The Best Lip Liners On the Market

The Best Lip Liners On the Market
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For a while there, we led a lip liner-less life. We’d written it off as an error of the ’90s, an obvious mistake that then found its way into grandma costumes and clown makeovers. We bid it adieu and had no regrets.

But then! As with everything ’90s-centric, lip liner’s back in a big way, and reformulated so nicely that we’re just about ready to forgive it all its past wrongdoings. The thing that really got us on board was taking it a step further and filling in lips, rather than just lining them the old, standard way. Top with a balm or clear gloss to play up its color, or go with a slightly different lipstick hue for subtle, multidimensional levels. Best of all, lip liner is great when you’re looking for long-lasting color (but don’t want to risk dehydrated lips from super long-lasting formulas), because it’s in its nature to stick. With all that in mind, it’s in our nature to love. Here, our very favorite lip liners.

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