The Best Kind of Transformers: Lip Glosses That Turn to Stains

Rachel Nussbaum
The Best Kind of Transformers: Lip Glosses That Turn to Stains
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We’re usually not a big fan of stains. Really, who is? And after accidentally staining the coffee table with nail polish remover when we were twelve (the memory lives on, vivid as ever), we consider ourselves especially averse to the concept.

However, like with everything, there are exceptions. Notably, lip glosses that transform into lip stains, leaving lasting impressions that don’t bring shame upon our family name (see: coffee table incident). Lip gloss has always been a staple for us, but the stain hybrids give them new life. It’s a long, well-lived life, too—these babies tend to last, another plus when we don’t want to be reapplying lip gloss all day. There’s only so much gloss application we can take in one day.

So if you’re ready to take a swing at it, we’ve rounded up some A+ options. YSL’s Rouge Pur Glossy Stain is a longtime favorite, but we’re also loving Maybelline’s 10Hr Stain Gloss. See the rest of our picks above!

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These lip glosses (that give you a nice stain) will make applying lip color so much easier.

Breaking news: YSL makes some good stuff. Available in 30 shades (all worthy of trying), this gloss-stain hybrid is a go-to in our makeup bag. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain, $34, Sephora

Photo: Image via CITYist/Image via CITYist

Once L'Oreal's Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain dries, you practically forget you're wearing anything on your lips. Plus, though it finishes like a stain, it gives your lips a moisturized look. 

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain, $9.99,

Photo: Image via Amazon/Image via Amazon

Urban Decay's take only comes in two colors, but they're universally flattering so you're sure to look great. They've got a pretty strong berry scent at first application, but the fragrance fades as the glosses turn to stain.

Urban Decay Lip Envy, $17, Sephora

Photo: Image via Emporium Cosmetics/Image via Emporium Cosmetics

This Maybelline gloss comes in a range of colors, but we're partial to Fresh Fuchsia and Ruby Indulgence. Simply apply and let your lips dry for about a minute, and the gloss will morph into a stain. 

Maybelline SuperStay 10Hr Stain Gloss, $7.51,

Photo: Image via Junglee/Image via Junglee

Put your sunglasses on for this one, because these glosses are bright than the sun, which is, you know, pretty bright. A glossier version of the brand's popular Lip Tars, their new take comes in some super daring shades, and leaves behind only a slightly more subdued stain.

OCC Lip Tar - Stained Gloss, $18, Sephora

Photo: Image via Pursebuzz/Image via Pursebuzz

Their futuristic applicator on Ellis Faas' lip stain are super fun to use, and the Lip Glaze inside doesn't disappoint. Made for "women who don't like the feel of lipstick on their lips," which is us, it fades to a lightweight, long-lasting stain.

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips, $35, Sephora

Photo: Image via What's In My Handbag/Image via What's In My Handbag

While beauty may not be the main reason we pop into Victoria's Secret, their

Pout Lip Stain is well worth the trip. Coming in six versatile shades, they're diamonds in the rhinestone-y rough.

Victoria's Secret Pout Lip Stain, $9, Victoria's Secret

Photo: Image via Musings of a Muse/Image via Musings of a Muse

The stain side alone of e.l.f.'s Studio Lip Stain is pretty glossy, while the clear end takes it up that extra notch.

e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain, $3, e.l.f. 

Photo: Image via Eyes Lips Face/Image via Eyes Lips Face

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