News: The Best Beauty Looks from Beyoncé’s Lemonade; The Secret to Kate Middleton’s Blowout

Leah Faye Cooper
Beyonce Lemonade news

Photo: Anna Webber / WireImage

Still reeling from the gloriousness of Beyoncé‘s Lemonade release? (Of course you are—us, too.) Continue to bask in it through pics of of the visual album’s best beauty looks. [Byrdie]

Drinking a certain type of gin may be the secret to younger-looking skin, and if it is, it goes without saying that we’ll be at the liquor store, pronto. [Allure]

No more staring at dozens of exfoliators without a clue about which one to buy. Nine editors recently shared the ones they swear by. [STYLECASTER]

As far as blowouts go, they don’t get much better than Kate Middleton‘s. Learn how to get the royal style at home, straight from Kate’s stylist. [Popsugar]

Your tried-and-true products may have some competition. Here are six indie beauty brands to put on your radar. [Elle]

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