#BeautyChat Wrap-Up: 10 Tips for the Best Skin and Nails

Augusta Falletta

beautychat11 #BeautyChat Wrap Up: 10 Tips for the Best Skin and NailsEvery Friday afternoon we turn to Twitter to join a few of our nearest and dearest for a weekly #beautychat from 2PM to 3PM. We’ve found that while we here at Beauty High have an unhealthy obsession with all things beauty, an awful lot of you have the exact same obsession. We spend the hour chatting about everything from the latest trends to how to make our hair as healthy as it can be.

This week, we focused on our favorite products face, body, and nails. Check out our favorite product tips below and join us for #beautychat Friday, September 14th at 2 p.m. (we’ll be taking next week off to bring you the latest from NYFW)!

1. @Phyrra I prefer Urban Decay Deslick to help my foundation stay around in the heat! #beautychat

2. @beautydebutante @HydroPeptide !! They’re products are amazing, def check it out.#beautychat

3. @linmuemuse I love tried n true Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – it’s perfect for sensitive skin. #beautychat

4. @Porphyrogene Some silicone primers are great for photoshoots but the make my skin dry and itchy.#beautychat

5. @Porphyrogene Likely allergies, but could be from alcohol or simple sun exposure. B sure you’re using sunscreen! #beautychat [In response to why your nose can be redder than your face]

6. @Phyrra CC Creams are the oil-free plus better skin food version of BB Creams. #beautychat

7. @Mrs_SammyBB Try using the coffee beans they have on the counter. Smell inbetween scents clears ur scent palate #beautychat [When testing the scents of multiple fragrances]

8. @Clarisonic Consider starting with a spot test on a less visible place, and don’t forget to exfoliate first. 🙂 #beautychat [When using sunless tanner at home]

9. @aliciazitka #beautychat Eat more protein! Nails, hair, body, & skin will thank you! [When trying to grow stronger, longer nails]

10. @chrislospalluto3m Still strong & great way to freshen up your look. RT @suchadilemma: Full bangs: still in or on its way out?

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