6 Things We Learned From PixiWoo Vloggers Sam and Nic Chapman

Victoria Moorhouse
sam and nic pixiwoo 6 Things We Learned From PixiWoo Vloggers Sam and Nic Chapman

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With over a million subscribers (yes, a million) and a makeup brush line with multiple collections, Sam and Nic Chapman, the woman behind the London-based YouTube channel PixiWoo, are two of the most successful and most recognized YouTube bloggers in the biz. Known for their unbelievable celebrity beauty recreations and tutorials (you’re going to want to check those out), they have covered just about every makeup topic in the book, from contouring to extreme Halloween looks to the important basics like grooming and filling in your brows. Oh, and NBD, they also chilled with Kim Kardashian and interviewed her about her favorite beauty looks and more. Their biggest breakthrough? Expanding Real Techniques, their makeup tool line, with a Bold Metals brush collection, featuring weighted gold, rose gold, and silver brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Because we can’t say no to investigating a brand new makeup brush, we caught up with Sam and Nic to get the lowdown on this advancement, ask a few burning YouTube Q’s (can you blame us?), and learned a few beauty tips and tricks along the way. Read on below for some facts we picked up in our chat.

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1. What’s the difference between these brushes and the ones they have already launched? Sam and Nic told us that the Bold Metals collection features softer synthetic bristles and have shed-resistant properties. And we all know how annoying it is for a bristle to end up sticking in your foundation. In addition, this brush collection is weighted, which offers a benefit to you while applying your makeup. “Not only does the weighted brush feel more luxurious, it also aids blending. It alters the pressure you apply and allows for a more fluid movement,” they explained.

2. If you’re looking for an underrated brush suggestion straight from Sam and Nic, try the Triangle 101 brush. “It’s a really great multi-purpose brush allowing you to use all three sides for different purposes,” they said. This is used for applying foundation, buffing, and blending.

3. Of course we had to ask about cleaning brushes, as it’s one of the most important steps in protecting your tools that is very commonly overlooked. To properly clean a brush, they suggest saturating a cloth with brush cleanser and gently brushing the bristles back and forth until the product is removed from the brush. They also note to make sure you don’t get cleanser in the ferrule of the brush, which is that circular metal band between the bristles and the handle, as this could loosen the bristles of the makeup brush.

4. So just how long do all those YouTube videos actually take to create? Well, it all depends. Sam and Nic note that the natural makeup looks often take the longest because they have to use multiple products to give you those finished looks. They say that without the editing time worked in, from start to finish, it’s about two hours.

5. When it comes to getting that contoured look just right, Sam and Nic point to a brush designed specifically for the trend. “Our new 301 contouring brush makes life a lot easier. Use a cream contour color and lay the brush just under your cheek bones. Gently sweep the brush back and forth to create a line and then with a clean brush, softly blend that line, always pulling downwards. Use a cream highlighter on top of the cheek bone,” they note.

6. Looking for advice on starting your own successful channel? The women behind Pixiwoo say you have to be original—and yourself. They also note that it’s important not to copy others and to develop a thick skin. “You can’t please all the people all the time, so just do what you love,” they said when commenting on what they’ve learned during their journey with beauty vlogging. If you’re looking to catch their eyes with videos, Sam and Nic tell us that they notice vlogs that make them laugh or where they can tell the host has done their research and “know what they are talking about.”

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