Beauty Tip: How To Apply Eyeliner

Amanda Elser

I am always fascinated by women who can do their makeup on the subway. All the bumping and screeching makes it seem almost impossible to apply foundation let alone a bold lipstick. It just seems impracticaland borderline dangerous to apply eyeliner with a small compact mirror while rubbing elbows with the mother of three next to you. But turns out that these impressive women may actually be on the right track.

There were a lot of insider tips swirling around backstage at New York Fashion Week, but one particular tidbit that stood out amongst the rest was legendary makeup artist Val Garland’s advice on applying eyeliner…don’t look up. Or more importantly, look down.

Garland recommended that when applying eyeliner at home to create that sleek cat eye to look down into a compact mirror and apply liner with one stroke of liquid eyeliner. She said looking up at a mirror or pulling on the outer corner of your eyelid will create a contorted line. Apparently those ladies running a bit behind on the subway are actually the ones applying makeup correctly each morning. Who knew?

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