50 Best Beauty Brands to Follow on Social Media

50 Best Beauty Brands to Follow on Social Media
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It’s safe to say that we’re always obsessing over beauty, whether we’re buying products, talking about them or testing them out. Regardless of how many of our favorite brands we might have spilling out of our closets, sometimes we get stuck. We’re out of inspiration and we don’t know where to look. Well, that’s where social media can come in, with interactive sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at your fingertips to give you access to not only someone at the brand, but also people just like you (fans of the brand!) to find out which products to use for what, and much, much more.

Brands are not only taking advantage of these portals to show consumers what goes on behind-the-scenes, but also how to use their products in different ways, and often sneak peeks of new products before they’re even announced to press – it’s one of the best ways to be the first person in the know.

In an effort to help you take advantage of all the beauty perks social media has to offer, we’ve taken the liberty to create a list of all the brands you should be following (on all of their best curated platforms). When you’re done perusing the list, don’t forget to hit that follow or like button – and of course, don’t forget to follow Beauty High as well, included in the links above!

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