Futuristic Beauty Inventions We Want to See in 2014

Megan Segura
Is this in your beauty future?

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A great perk of being a beauty editor is seeing tons of new beauty products cross your desk. There’s skin care, makeup, and hair products that aim to tackle a plethora of problems. Unfortunately, we still still have plenty of beauty woes that are going unsolved. See which beauty products we hope to see invented in 2014.

1. A product that instantly tightens the bags under our eyes.
After trying every serum and cream out there, we have yet to see one that fixes our bags quickly and effectively.

2. Warming foundation.
When we walk outside to below freezing temperatures, all we can think about is how nice it would be to have a foundation that keeps skin warm. It would go on warm, and stay warm throughout the day.

3. Over-the-counter Botox.
Ok, we can see how DIY anything with needles might be a bad idea, but there are plenty of people who give themselves insulin or hormone injections. Give the people what they want!

4. A serum or cream that transforms oily skin to dewy skin.
You know that perfect balance between too oily and too dry skin? Yeah, we want some sort of product that takes our overactive oil production and transforms it into a healthy glow.

5. Color-changing eye drops. 
Sure, there are contacts that can give a brown-eyed person blue eyes, but we want something a little less uncomfortable. Temporary color-changing eye drops would be perfect for an instant makeover.

6. A device that allows eyebrows to regrow on contact.
Yes there are regrowth serums out there, but we don’t like the waiting. We want a magic wand that will allow us to regrow our eyebrows, much like a Wooly Willy.

image Futuristic Beauty Inventions We Want to See in 2014

We want a product that does this!

7. Fat-melting cream.
Seriously, how hard is it, people? All we want is to eat like pigs over the weekend and rub a cream onto our bodies that makes the fat disappear by Monday morning. Is that so hard?!

What beauty inventions do you want to see realized in 2014?

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