Red Carpet Looks Inspired by Beauty Icons of the Past

Emily Smith

Almost all of us are inspired by the beauty of the stars of Hollywood today, whether it be Angelina Jolie’s perfectly plump lips, Jessica Alba’s beaming white smile, or Jennifer Aniston’s signature “Rachel” hairstyle.

Although we’re more familiar with today’s Hollywood beauty icons, it’s also important to pay homage to really originated a lot of these looks.  Hollywood icons from the days of silent films, as well as more commonly known beauty goddess such as Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake, have really shaped our idea of what is beautiful today.  Rita Hayworth’s silky waves, Audrey Hepburn‘s pinned back top knot, and Brigitte Bardot’s luscious locks — these are the kinds of looks that still influence editors and trend-setters today.

Here, we’ve rounded up a slew of of-the-instant celebrity beauty looks, and paired them with the ladies whose impeccable style first originated the look. Click through the slideshow and try to guess which iconic figures have inspired some of our favorite stars today!

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