The Beauty Industry Weighs In On The Wonders Of Nail Polish

Amanda Elser

It seems as if the rest of the world is finally catching up with us! The New York Times published an article today about the nail polish boom of 2011, raising some interesting points.

We’ve talked before how nail polish has suddenly become the new recession-proof beauty product, making the lipstick index null and void. Nail polishes alone have accumulated $710 million in sales.

It’s no secret that nail polish has become a way for daring and timid beauty lovers alike to experiment with colors and designs. “We used to talk about the lipstick index,” Renato Semerari, the president of Coty Beauty said, “Now we talk about the lacquer index.”

And the reason for this sudden uptick? Nail polish is an affordable, trendy accessory:

“So hip are the new lacquers from mass marketers like Essie and Sally Hansen, and from trendsetters like Nars, that pop stars including Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne, and even the designers Thakoon Panichgul and Prabal Gurung, have attached their names, and their images, to high-end and drugstore brands.”

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Whether it is opting for a brighter hue, applying a cheetah print nail wrap, or piercing your tips — the nail trends only keep growing, allowing an outlet for those struggling during these economic times or who simply want to ease their way into colorful trends.

What do you think? Is there any end in sight for the nail art trend? 

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