Beauty Habits Your Boyfriend Secretly Hates

Aly Walansky
beauty habits Beauty Habits Your Boyfriend Secretly Hates

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It’s a sad irony: Many of us work tirelessly to look our best for the men in our lives. However, some of our favorite beauty rituals bug the heck out of those very same men. Before you tread on shaky ground, take this advice to heart.

Wait, what? Toner is great for cleansing, soothing or tightening your skin—based on what type you use. Sometimes, though, it just smells awful.

“My boyfriend won’t tell me he doesn’t like it, but when I put toner on my face before bed, I can tell by his facial expression that he’d prefer to run away while I complete my nightly face regime,” says Mia Silverio at Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa. “I use Lotion P50 by Biologique Recherche to keep my complexion even. My boyfriend isn’t totally off-base, because the strong scent is a little off-putting, but the benefits of adding a toner are plentiful.” Plus, it’s nothing that a nice smelling moisturizer can’t fix. Just remember to select a toner that’s best for your skin type to avoid drying out your skin.

A Beautiful Mess
“My husband is actually shockingly understanding about all my weird beauty rituals, although he could live without me stockpiling new products to try in the second sink in our bathroom, as if that is an appropriate storage home for the newest lip gloss, nail polish and Argan oils on the market!” says Nadine Jolie Courtney of

Making a mess is a serious concern for many mates—especially when it spreads to their stuff. “My boyfriend’s number one beauty pet peeve is glitter anything! We all know that glitter spreads like wildfire, and newsflash: Guys don’t want fallout from your favorite glitter eyeshadow all over their face/clothes any more than you do,” says Miranda Mendoza of

Painful Products
“My husband cringes every time I put on my favorite glycolic acid mask by Lather. It’s potent stuff that leaves me tomato red for a couple hours after, but the next day I glow like a 14-year-old supermodel, so it’s worth it,” says Bryce Gruber, editor of

Sudden changes
Much like you feel about your relationship status, men don’t like to feel like they don’t know what’s going on. “Drastic changes to your color or length are common parts of your beauty evolution, but guys are not always so happy about it. Even if this new style looks great, sometimes boyfriends or husbands like you just the way you are. This is a good thing, but then it may be harder for them to get used to your new look,” says George Gonzalez, owner of George the Salon in Chicago.

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