Beauty Buzz: What Hair Plopping Does for Curly Hair, The Best Beauty Books, More

Victoria Moorhouse
hair plopping for curly hair


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1. Heard of the term hair plopping? It’s a heat-free way to dry (and define!) curly hair—and here’s how you do it. [Marie Claire]

2. Beauty books—from your favorite stars and industry pros—that belong on your bookshelf. [Daily Makeover]

3. Japan’s best-selling mascara is relaunching in the U.S. with a new nourishing formula. [Beauty Blitz]

4. How to get nail polish spills off of clothes, wood, and more. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

5. A woman wrote a letter thanking Dove for their inspiring campaign messages and the beauty products that four generations of women in her family use—what resulted is this must-see video [YouTube]

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