Beauty Buzz: Secrets to Strong Nails, Why Shaving Your Face Makes Your Skin Glow, More

Rachel Adler


What better way to start out the day than with the must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top stories each morning, so tweet us at @BeautyHigh #BHbuzz

1.  Find out how to keep your nails strong and smooth, even throughout damaging weather. [InStyle]

2. Learn how to clean up your vanity and store all of your beauty products (in a pretty way) with these tips. [Byrdie]

3. Find the perfect fall fragrance to match your personality type! []

4. Miley Cyrus stunned last night in a sparkling green dress, but she also seamlessly pulled off pastel green shadow. It’s a sight to behold. [Glamour]

5. There’s a beauty treatment called Dermaplaning (that’s actually shaving your face) that can help to make your skin grow. [The Cut]

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